Learn about the five American Indian tribes in North Dakota
Find info about nursing schools, scholarships, and specialties
Discover Native people’s concepts of health and illness



Target Audience

  • 9-12 grade


Through information and perspectives shared by American Indian nurses, along with other engaging content, the goals of this course are to:

  1. Establish the need for American Indian nurses
  2. Evoke interest and excitement about the range of possibilities of a nursing career
  3. Emphasize the strong affinity between Native cultural values and the practice of Nursing
  4. Inspire and instill confidence that a nursing career is within grasp
  5. Establish steps that can be taken now to prepare for nursing or other healthcare careers
  6. Honor the legacy of Native American nurses


  1. Inspiration for Nursing
  2. The Need for Nursing
  3. Native Culture and Nursing
  4. Pathways to a Nursing Career
  5. Nursing School Experiences
  6. Experiences on the Job
  7. The Legacy of Nursing
  8. The Journey Onward


Each of the eight modules can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Module Content

  • Pre-test: Measures what students know about a topic before they complete the module.
  • Introduction: Brief description of the module and what students can expect to learn.
  • Forums: A place for students to offer their thoughts about a topic. Forum answers can be shared among all students participating in the course.
  • Activities: Designed to be interesting and informative for students.
  • Journal Entries: A place for students to offer thoughts about a topic.
  • Post-test: Same as the pre-test. Measures how students’ answers changed as a result of the learning they did.
  • Explore More: Designed for students who want more in-depth information about the topic covered in each module.
  • Teachers’ Resources: Additional sources of information to help teachers in classroom instruction.