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Before offering this course to your students, please complete the checklist below.

Asset 4

1. Watch this video.

This is required by the North Dakota State University Institutional Review Board for teachers to have an understanding of how human research participants’ rights and welfare are protected.

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2. Take this quiz.

This quiz shows that you understand the rights and welfare of human research participants.

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3. Send home the parental consent letter with each student.

If parents do not want their child or adolescent to participate in the e-campus learning experience, they can sign and return the consent form to you. If a parent decides not to have their youth participate, please provide an alternative assignment.

Asset 1

4. Read the Teacher Script for Consent to your students.

If a student decides not to participate, provide an alternative assignment. Also, a youth’s objection, overrides parental consent.

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5. Direct students to course page

Each student will need to create his or her own free account.

For technical assistance, please contact

For program or course content questions, or if you’d like to receive an aggregated report of your students’ outcomes, please contact Loretta Heuer, North Dakota State University School of Nursing, at 701-231-8205 or 701-238-8484, or at