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    While many of us cannot live without our phones and laptops, we are not all well-versed in how to correctly look after our beloved technology.<br>And 수원컴퓨터수리 these tech support workers have shared the worst things they have come across on the job, proving that some people should not be allowed to own top-of-line technology./p>The shocking fails, collated in a picture gallery, include a computer mouse overrun by ants after the owner surprisingly cleaned it with lemonade, and a laptop that had been completely burnt./p>Elsewhere, one technology novice somehow managed to bend the corners of their Macbook, while another attempted to fix their laptop after spilling coffee on it by throwing rice all over it./p>Here, FEMAIL shares some of the baffling technology failures that left people in stitches./p> Tech support workers have shared the worst things they have encountered on the job, including one person who somehow managed to burn their entire laptop (pictur<br>/p> One technology novice bizarrely attempted to clean their computer mouse with lemonade, and were shocked to come home two days later to find it overrun with ant<br>/p> One hospital worker’s confusion about the site’s network issues were quickly cleared up after they got a glimpse behind the sce<br>/p> RELATED ARTICLES

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    One worker was left surprised after finding this mouse dangerously chewing on some rubber covered wires whilst on the <br>/p> Another technology worker was left completely baffled after they were faced with a Macbook that had somehow become completely bent on two corn<br>/p> This old-school technology set-up is bound to end in disaster as it even includes wires hanging down from the ceil<br>/p> Another tech worker was left completely shocked after opening up a device to find this extremely burnt ins<br>/p> One unlucky student accidentally spilt nail polish over their laptop, but when their mother tried to clean it, they also ended up washing off 26 of the computer k<br>/p> One tech novice spilt coffee all over their computer and decided to try and fix it by covering it in a rice – in the hope that the grain would absorb the moistur<br>/p> Rather than splashing out on one good quality ethernet switch, one family decided to plug in four separate units into the same plug in the hope of boosting their serv<br>/p> One worker was left fuming he was faced with this overwhelming network – and the client asked what port a ‘random’ cable was plugged int<br>/p> One tech worker was left doubting their client after they claimed that they had ‘never’ dropped their phone in water – despite the splashes of water found inside the dev<br>/p> One client was desperate to know exactly what their accidental damage policy would cover – and 수원컴퓨터노트북수리 it quickly became clear why when one worker was faced with this bent Dell<br>top Look away if you’re squeamish! One worker was left horrified after opening up a Macbook to find it was completely swarming with insets that appeared to be cock<br>hes One creative person came up with a rather unique solution to only having one audio output – by plugging in numerous extensions into the single<br>t  One worker had to explain to their boss why they couldn’t simply fix the server after it went ‘down’ – as they had to admit it has really fallen ‘down’ on th<br>oor This laptop owner proved that you should never try to eat food near your device, particularly spaghetti, after they left their laptop covered i<br>uce Lessons cancelled? One student was left completely taken aback after they walked into the classroom only to find a bird nesting on top of the pr<br>tor One worker was left surprised after discovering that this unique computer invention was actually ‘fully func<br>al’ This terrifying technological, and fire safety, nightmare was found in the basement of a mi<br>all One person came up with a unique way to help their co-worker recover files from their broken thumb-drive by soldering the internal technology to a US<br>ble One unlucky worker was left wishing that their client had sorted this maze of wires before they ar<br>d  And 광교컴퓨터수리 another technology novice came up with a bizarre way to cool down their computer system – by attaching a fan below it and 동탄컴퓨터수리 hoping <br>the best

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