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    At each stage prestige its lifecycle valid may generate various measurements (cash or different) that may exemplify used by management/stockholders/regulators to monitor and/or control the business. Credit cards offer the ability to make purchases or obtain cash advances and pay them at a later time. And scammers are sure to take advantage of the situation, trotting out classic tax scams in addition to new ones cooked up specifically for this strange time. Take into account the time involved with marketing – be it both offline and judi online. The business activity may be concerned with marketing or distribution of goods in which case it is called a commercial activity.

    That being the case, one of the primary responsibilities of this department is to establish and cement the relationship of your business to the public. To ensure that their department has the necessary personnel. To assign necessary duties and responsibilities to the employees of their respective departments for implementation of the plans. Responsible for implementation and controlling of plans and strategies. Interpret the plans and policies.framed by top management. Interpretation of policies framed by top management to lower management. To interpret the policies framed by the top level of management. 4. Your grandfather has retired from an organisation in which he is responsible for implementing the plans developed by the top management. Content was generated with the help of !

    Ans. He is working at the middle level of management. Ans. He was working at the top level of management. 5. List any two functions of top level management. At which level of management was he working? Ans. He was working at the middle level of management. 8. Raman is working as a plant superintendent in Tifco Ltd. State any four functions he will perform as plant superintendent in this company. You need to be aware of your local economy, changing laws, and the national state of your industry. Responsible for all the activities of first line managers. However, the various functions of a manager are discussed in order, i.e. planning, organising, staffing directing and controlling, but in reality the managers are rarely able to carry them in isolation. Content was generated with .

    The management process includes planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling functions. Change management often includes tasks aiming to eliminate problems and obstacles that usually raise under bringing changes, such as fear, avoidance and resistance. 7. Enumerate the levels of management. A decade ago, most of the resource management solutions were desktop based. Planning provides the basis (i.e. the standards of performance for management functions controlling and controlling helps in future planning). Ans. Management is considered as a series of continuous, inter-related functions with no pre-determined sequence. Two or more members of a workgroup to reach a common goal can define a workflow as well as any task performed in series or in parallel.

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