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    A ‘loner’ computer games programmer who hacked his way into online accounts of YouTube stars and schools friends to download intimate photographs of them was spared jail yesterday.<br>Michael Grime, 22, was caught when the National Agency linked his email account to a data breach website in 2020, Preston Crown Court heard.<br>On November 24 officers visited Grime’s home in Longridge, Lancashire, and seized his computer equipment including a PC tower, three external hard drives and 수원컴퓨터수리 his mobile pho<br>/p> Michael Grime, 22, (pictured) a computer games programmer, hacked into online accounts of YouTube stars and schools friends to download intimate photographs of them but was spared jail for the cri<br>/p>Analysis revealed thousands of photos and videos of topless or nude women stored on the devic<br>/p>Although many of the images were taken from OnlyFans or social media, a large number of images had never been posted publicly, prosecutor Lisa Worsley sa<br>/p>Grime was spared jail but given a community order and ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work over two yea<br>/p>He will also have to have 30 rehabilitation days and pay £500 compensation to each of the 11 victims identified, a total of £5,5<br>/p>Grime, who graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a first-class honours degree in Computer Games Development, admitted he accessed around 50 accounts to obtain private photos and videos for 수원컴퓨터수리 his own sexual gratific<br>n.A total of 11 women were identified, many of whom went to school or college with Grime and had known him since chil<br>d. Grime (pictured leaving court on Thursday) was described as ‘geeky, a loner an<br>d’Grime also hacked the account of one woman’s boyfriend to access private photographs shared between the c<br>e.The women, who knew Grime from school, college or part-time work at a cafe, described him as ‘geeky, a loner and<br>.’One said she thought he may be part of the Incel movement – an online community of men who are involuntarily cel<br>e.Another said she spoke to him on the bus because she felt sorry fo<br>m. RELATED ARTICLES

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    Each confirmed the photographs which were found on Grime’s computer had not been shared publicly and had been taken from their private accounts without permi<br>n.Ms Worsley said: ‘They felt betrayed and sad.

    One woman’s first response was to delete all her social media which she found upse<br>g.’Another said her Snapchat had been unstable and would log her out three or four times a<br>.’The boyfriend of one of the women also confirmed the images which were taken from his computer had only been shared between the c<br>e. Grime admitted at Preston Crown Court (pictured) that he accessed around 50 accounts to obtain private photos and videos for his own sexual gratifi<br>onThat woman said she found it ‘weird and creepy’ as she had known Grime and his family for so long and that hacking her boyfriend’s account was ‘an extra <br>.’Grime pleaded guilty to 12 counts of causing a computer to perform a function to secure or enable unauthorised access to a program or<br>a.Mr Forbes, defending, said Grime was ‘socially awkward’ and believed he may be on the autistic spectrum, although this has not been diag<br>d.He said the defendant became obsessed with hacking and ‘liked the detective work’, which gave him an adrenaline<br>h.’He knew it was wrong.

    He stopped on occasions but and deleted material and would start <br>n.’This was something over which he felt he had little to no control <br>.’He said Grime’s arrest came as a relief as he no longer had to rely on his own weak will to stop his offe<br>g.

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