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    Making meanings of terms utilized in government methods exchangeable is vital to enhance semantic interoperability between techniques and promote use of open government knowledge. IMI is an interoperability framework for selot online digital government and open authorities data in Japan. The IMI frequent vocabulary framework which is part of IMI since 2013 goals to provide a mechanism for sharing meanings of terms and relationships between terms to reinforce interoperability. This paper describes the present status of the IMI frequent vocabulary framework to share our experiences and data from the event in 5 years. At first we illustrate the IMI common vocabulary and its core vocabulary which includes a basic set of phrases used in knowledge or referred from existing knowledge to share meanings. Then we describe specifications of elements in the widespread vocabulary framework like knowledge trade codecs, notations and a package deal system. Because the IMI widespread vocabulary has been already utilized in numerous areas, we also introduce its deployment assist and actual use instances of the widespread vocabulary framework. This data has been generated by GSA Content Generator Demoversion!

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