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    Exposure to second-hand nicotine from vaping doubles the risk of young adults wheezing, researchers have warned.<br>Using a vape, 99액상 or an e-cigarette, has become increasingly popular in recent years — but little is known about the possible health effects of secondhand exposure to the vapour expelled by the devic<br>/p>A new study has found it is linked to a heightened risk of coughing, wheezing and 99액상 shortness of breath in young people who don’t smoke or vape themsel<br>And the findings could become part of ‘compelling rationale’ for banning the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices in public spaces, the scientists s<br>But UK experts have questioned the findings, saying there is not enough evidence to prove the relationship between secondhand vaping and breathing problem<br>A team from the University of California analysed information provided by more than 2,000 participants in the Southern California Children’s Health St<br>This study collected detailed annual information on respiratory health, active and 99액상 secondhand nicotine vaping, and conventional tobacco and 99액상 cannabis smoke exposure in the household from<br>4. US scientists have found secondhand smoke from vapes and e-cigarettes is linked to a heightened risk of coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath in young <br>le RELATED ARTICLES

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    The participants, who had an average age of 17, were followed for five years until<br>9.The researchers recorded whether the children had bronchitic symptoms – for example a daily cough in the morning for three consecutive months, congestion that wasn’t linked to a cold, or had bronchitis – whether they reported wheezing and if they experienced shortness of b<br>h.Results, published in the journal

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