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    <p>Do you understand what your targeted customers buy?
    Do you really understand it? Well, I have always mentioned that people do not buy to please you but to satisfy their needs. What are those needs? Have you ever bothered to find out what your targeted customers buy?</p> <p>When people buy from you a product, it's not really the product per se they buy, it's the satisfaction, the pleasure or the outcome they derive from buying that product.

    As you do your business, endeavor to understand what your targeted customers buy so vitamins that increase your sex drive you can motivate them to buy from you.</p> <p>In online marketing, there is a lot of competition. So many marketers are struggling to survive in the marketing business.
    If you simply spend your money and time marketing and advertising your products and services without getting on the drawing board to discover what your targeted customers really buy, you will not be able to target the exact motivations that drive your potential customers' decisions to buy from you or to join the affiliate program that you promote.

    That's why it's crucial to understand what your targeted customers buy.</p> <p>For instance, when one joins an affiliate program of the auto responder service you promote, it's not the auto responder per se he wants. It's the benefits and satisfaction he derives from using it.
    As long as you get to understand those benefits and satisfaction, you focus your marketing campaigns on them to motivate your potential customers to buy. By understanding what your targeted customers buy, you find it easier to turn them into buyers because you will have solved their problem.</p> <p>As already said, people buy outcomes but not products per se.

    What someone pays money for when he buys a bottle of beer out in a bar could be happiness, joy, good service, fulfillment or reduction of stress but NOT the mere bottle of beer. If it's just the bottle of beer, then you need to ask yourself why he chooses to have it taken in Bar X when there are so many other bars within the same locality.
    Obviously, you will find the answers from the outcomes I have mentioned. Finding out the answers is very important to any business person and to any marketer.</p> <p>Examples of some of the outcomes that people spend their hard earned money for when buying products and services include mainly satisfaction, results, prestige, solutions, freedom, joy and happiness, saving time and energy, benefits, advantages, value, dependability, fulfillment, support, development, fear of loss of money or something, enrichment and self respect.

    It's therefore upon you to probe further and ask yourself what really your targeted customers buy, basing on these outcomes.</p> <p>How can that information help you?</p> <p>What your targeted customers buy is determined by their buying decisions. And their buying decisions are further determined by what is important to them.

    This simply means that for you to influence them to buy from you, you will need to satisfy what is important to them through your marketing campaigns. As you begin your online business, make sure, right from the start, that things like domain name should rhyme with what your potential customers will be buying from you.

    The choice of words in your marketing and advertising campaigns should address your targeted customers' values.</p> <p>To emphasize the above point, let me share with you some of the examples of what companies and organizations promise to their targeted customers upon making a decision to buy their products.</p> <p>SOS Children's Villages – “A loving home for children”</p> <p>Orange – “Internet Everywhere”</p> <p>SFI – “Aim High, Dream Big”</p> <p> – “Massive Publicity For Your Website”</p> <p>TrafficSwarm – “Get Traffic, Make Money”</p> <p>Knowing what your targeted customers buy is undeniably a very important ingredient in building a successful online business.

    Learn it now that your marketing messages should focus on the fundamental outcomes of what your targeted customers buy when they search out for your products and services through the marketing messages you produce. For instance, if you are running a salon, you will motivate your targeted customers more by saying “Come And Transform Your Looks” than by saying “Come And Get Your Hair Cut”.</p> <p>I therefore conclude by reminding you that understanding what your targeted customers buy does not only help you to have a much greater influence on their buying decisions but it also helps you to avoid falling prey to the small marketing mistakes online marketers make.

    Try to find out what outcomes your targeted customers buy, you will really realize great improvement in your marketing strategies.</p>
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